Rugby - how you do it!

Rugby - how you quickly know the important rules, find a good position and get the skills you need. Be confident, enjoy yourself and play well.

A rugby player in actionRugby action

I`d love to help you understand and play the game. I have some good tips so you learn quickly.

If you`d like to know a bit more about me before you do as I say - find it here.

Game basics to advanced skills

Take this opportunity to learn about the game. I have played and followed rugby for over sixty years.

You'll find out all you need to know to understand and enjoy simply watching the game as a spectator or to get in there and make an impact as a knowlegable and valued player.

Start here. You`ll know a lot about rugby in a short time. You'll be confident when you've picked up the essentials, the basic rules.

Then find a position that suits you by finding out what's needed and what each player does in the various rugby positions.

Knowing something about the positions will help in understanding play. Find out what goes on in a game of rugby by finding out how to play.

All that's left is to prepare yourself to play! Visit the skills sections. Best of all, learn to avoid tacklers using sidesteps.

Or you could just roam the site! Look at whatever you find interesting. You can cherry pick what you need, depending on your current knowledge and skills.The sitemap is good for finding topics you may find useful.

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