Warrington Football Club

Warrington Football club are always at the forefront in Rugby League. Imagine my surprise and excitement when they invited me for a trial.

Warrington invited me for a trial

Image of letter from Warrington Football Club Letter to me from Warrington Football Club

After a personal approach by Mr Mather, Warrington wrote to me.

It was an invitation to a trial game with the '"A" team.

The letter reads...

Dear Sir,

Further to our telephone conversation last Friday and your conversation with our Mr. Mather I would like to point out the following:-

It was our intention to ask you to play last Saturday against Huddersfield "A" but unfortunately this game had to be postponed. We have only one match left which is against Oldham "A" next Monday evening 28th April 1969. This match is at Oldham and if you are available might save some inconvenience from a travel point of view. You would be expected to report to the Oldham Ground at 6-45 p.m.

If it is of any interest to you for next season as things stand at the moment our fixtures start 4 weeks before the Union fixtures and this possibly might be a better time to be "away" for trial purposes.

We have not written before now primarily in your own interests as we feel it is totally wrong for any Rugby Union player to be embarressed in any way at all until terms have been agreed.

Please give me a ring about Monay(sic) or whether you would prefer to leave matters over until the beginning of next season and also whether you would still be interested.

Yours faithfully

J P Worthington

What happened at Warrington

I never went for a trial with Warrington Football Club and I can’t remember why.

I have a feeling we had an important football game (I played Rugby Saturdays and football Sundays) on the preceding Sunday and didn’t want to let down my Meanwood Hospital teammates. I have a feeling I got clogged in that game!.

Why I didn’t go at the start of the next season I have no idea!

As they say "Couldda been a contender!"

I wondered whether or not to include this letter.

I thought maybe most Union players have one of these tucked away somewhere and it would be a bit of a yawn.

I asked an expert and he assures me that’s not the case - so here you are; something I’m proud of and a bit of rugby union memorabilia to boot!

I`d like to take this opportunity to thank Warrington for their interest and their willingness to cast their net wide. It goes to show, you never know who`s watching!