Unusual rugby video

This unusual rugby video shows some of the strange things that happen during rugby games. Some you may never see again, nomatter how much rugby you watch!

Video of unusual incidents in games of rugby

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Scrum collapse

In the Lions vs Australia 3rd Test in 2013, hooker Richard Hibbard fell to the ground as a scrum broke up. He looked unconcious as he hit the ground but the other players barely noticed!

He aint heavy

In the 2013 Lions vs Australia 2nd Test the ball and Israel Folau arrived at virtually the same time. Undaunted, George North tucked the ball under his arm, threw Folau over his shoulder and set off for the try line!

A real flyer

Souther Districts winger Finnau flys for the try line. Sadly for him the ball is dislodged by a try saving tackle and he comes up empty handed. It's possible a lower flight path may have helped secure the try.

A challenging hurdle

Watch the All Black player in the background as he leaps to avoid colliding with Australian hooker Moore.

Sticks tricks

Players often hit one post when attempting a conversion. Hitting both posts with the same kick must be pretty rare and yet it happens here. When will it be recorded again?.

A real knees up

There is often chaos on the rugby field with bodies going everywhere. This is a fine example. There's something fascinating about bodies flying through the air.

It must have been painful - look at Matt Toomua's face!

Create chaos with EvtecHs

Another way to create chaos is to do it quite deliberately with EvtecHs evasion techniques!