Two hand carry

You often use a two hand carry in rugby when you have the ball and you're not at top speed. You keep your options open and your opposition guessing.

Carry to keep options open at lower speeds

Much of a game of rugby is played at less than top speed.

When you have the ball you want to be able to pass left or right, dummy, sidestep or put in chip kick or grubber - anything!

In other words you want as many options available as possible

And you want to take them at the drop of a hat - or faster!

The way you carry the ball gives experienced players clues, so use this method and you'll keep the opposition guessing.

You also want to have a good grip on the ball so you keep possession.

Player shows one way to carry ball in two hands Carry ball in two hands

Player shows another view of carrying ball in two hands Carry ball, two hands example 2

So you want

  • lots of options available
  • to give out few clues
  • a secure grip on the ball

Here's a great technique...

  • use the "cage grip"
  • run with the ball out in front of you

  • it can be held horizontally or vertically
  • move it around, give them something to think about

You`ll keep a good grip on the ball and keep their brains churning over.

When you run with the ball like this you will find you move the ball naturally from side to side to keep your ballance.

No brain power taken up by you, but every time the ball moves your opponents have to use vital resources.

They have to watch it to see what it`s doing and work out all the possibilities of where it might be going!

All the time the ball is safe and secure in the cage - it`s going nowhere until you make a decision about what to do with it.

This video shows how to practice the two hand carry so when you do it you feel comfortable, well balanced and are able to pass to either side of your body.

Note the alternating pattern of movement.

One leg takes a stride, the other opens a little at the hip, drags a little then swings into place to take the next step.

Make sure one of your options is a sidestep!