Spot the ball video

In this spot the ball video you will see expert goal kicking skills, but where's the ball? Use your skill to find the ball when we stopped the video - or just guess!

Have a go - find the ball

IN 2013 the British and Irish Lions toured Australia. In the 3rd Test Leigh Halfpenny lined up a penalty shot at goal. You can see it in the video clip below.

After the kick was taken but before the ball landed we took out a frame and removed the image of the ball.

That image is diplayed below. Can you spot where the ball should be?

Image of goal kicker Where is the ball?

When you've worked it out or had a guess, use the image below to select a grid position that you feel contains the ball.

Image of goal kicker with grid overlaid Select grid position of the ball

Now you have your answer, view the spot the ball video and see how close you were!

Video answer to spot the ball question

Video credit: Thanks to the Fox Sports television footage used in this video we are able to enjoy and learn from the goal kicking skills of British and Irish Lions fullback Leigh Halfpenny - and have a bit of fun along the way!

Credit also to Steve, thank you for suggesting the idea - it's only taken a year to arrive!

Why does it say 'EVTECHS' down the left hand side of the images instead of 'ABCDEF'? You did notice, didn't you?

It's just part of my obsession. You will be excited too when you learn how you do it - go and have a look!