Sidesteps on video

Carefully examine these effective sidesteps on video and notice the similarities. Notice the action, the change of angle, how quickly it happens, how hard to defend.

Video showing examples of sidesteps

We acknowledge the great TV coverage given to rugby by Fox, Chanel 9, Chanel 10 and the ABC. Without their footage it would not be possible to learn from the great skills captured for us all to see.

Folau breaks the line

Folau for Australia breaks the defensive line of the 2013 Lions. He was collared almost immediately after making the break so the damage was limited.

O'Connor steps through

James O'Connor has to reach high to bring down a pass from Will Genia but recovers well to step his way through the heart of the Lions defence to score a magnificent solo try close to the posts.

North steps out

George North wriggles through the main Wallaby defensive line with some clever evasive footwork.

Surviving a despairing ankle tap by James O'Connor, North heads for the try line. He has only Berwick Barnes to beat and does so easily. North veers sharply out towards touch, leaving Barnes sprawling in his wake as he races away to score.

Folau steps past

Folau receives the ball on the Lions 10 metre line and races onwards.

At the 22 metre line he cleverly steps through the Lions defensive line and evades covering tackles before racing in for a great solo try.

George Rose quick step

Manly Sea Eagles vs Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. Yes, rugby league, but this has to be seen!

Big George Rose 188cm (6ft 2in) and 116kg (18st 4lb) gets the ball and executes a terrific sidestep. He careers away from would be tacklers making vital ground at an important point in the game.

Evading all the big men in the opposition he is finally stopped when the half back manages to throw him. The commentators never mention the brilliant evasive footwork!

Marshall Milroy magic

Manly vs Eastwood in a Shute Shield match. Marshall Milroy shows just how easy it is to crack a defense when you have an effective sidestep.

Running hard at the defense he just goes BANG! A brilliant step creates a change of direction the defense just cannot cope with. Straight through and on the way to a try!

Hooker Latau steps

Players in all positions should learn to step. Here Sydney Uni hooker Latau show how useful it can be. See how happy you can be when you have a sidestep!

Wilson steps in

All Blacks vs Wallabies and the All Blacks were trailing on the scoreboard. This incident is better known for the George Gregan tackle which denied a vital try to winger Jeff Wilson.

I must have seen this footage many times before but was not aware of Wilson's brilliant sidestep. Very few wingers could have done what he did, it's a shame for him that it will always be remembered as the moment Gregan prevented him from scoring.

Ioane straight through

In every game players get tired or lose concentration. This can create opportunities for skillful steppers. In this clip Digby Ioane uses a neat sidestep to take advantage of a tiny lapse in defense. An instantaneous change in direction and he's straight through. and EvtecHs

You've seen how sidesteppers changing direction at will are able to slice through defenses. Now it's your turn.

Learn how to do your own superb steps using EvtecHs.