Scratch rugby

Play Scratch rugby games, produced using Scratch software. Next, learn how to do it. Make your own games - see them featured here!


What is it

Scratch is some really clever software that allows you to make your own games. It`s produced at MIT. They suggest we describe it like this...

"Scratch is a programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations -- and share your creations with others around the world. In the process of designing and programming Scratch projects, young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab. It is available for free download from

You can even download existing games, see how they work and then modify them to create your own games. Or just start from scratch!

I heard about Scratch recently (February 2013) when I decided to watch this terrific Ted Talk

I love Scratch it`s great fun.

I have made a very basic scratch rugby game, more a demonstration really.

It may help you get how it feels to face a good sidestepper and maybe even how good it feels to be one.

When you have had a few goes, maybe you`ll want to find out about the EvtecHs Elly. That`s easy, it`s only on this site!

Unlike the real thing, this one is a game of chance.

A random number generated by the software decides whether or not you manage to tackle the elusive player.

It`s set to 1 chance in 5 of the EvtecHs Elly player being tackled - which is about right when you are an EvtecHs expert. :)

Click small green flag (top/right corner) to activate.
Press space bar to start each play.
The defender goes where the mouse goes.
Get near the attacker and you have a 1 in 5 chance of pulling off a tackle.

Sorry, Scratch update seems to have introduced an error!
this game will be back when it`s fixed :)

Sorry, this game is not suitable for mobile.

EvtecHs Rugby Game made with it

While on the Scratch site I looked around for some more rugby games.

Alfonso`s Rugby Game caught my eye. I`ve already had good fun even though I`ve only played the one-on-one version as I write this.

The sound makes you feel like you are playing in a real stadium.

Having listened to it for a while it may be a good idea if it started when you click the flag!

You are allowed to make your own, new, updated versions of Scratch projects. You must give credit to the original creator(s) of the project,

So I`ve now made the EvtecHs Rugby Game, based on the great game "Alfonso`s Rugby Game". I couldn`t have done it on my own!

So my game is basically his game with some twiddly bits! These are the changes I made...

  • You can change the sound volume - as loud/soft as you like!
  • the players legs move when they are moving - well, I like it!
  • all players can do EvtecHs Elly sidesteps when moving forwards

  • the tackles are more interesting, more realistic
  • players automatically grapple for the ball in the tackle and the outcome is not predictable - so be ready!

  • player movements are slightly random; limping, change of pace?
  • rugby posts are in place on the field


Click the small green flag (top/right corner)to start each game.
You have 10 seconds to set the sound level, or leave mute.
Press space to play with one player each team.
Start at time = 0, when the whistle blows.
Each game lasts 80 in-game minutes (3mins).
Carry the ball across your opponents try line and you get 5 points for a "TRY!".
Play restarts automatically from the centre.

Stop opponents crossing your try line by blocking their way.
It`s called tackling.
Both of you then automatically grapple for the ball.
Be ready, either player may gain possession.

If you carry the ball over your own tryline or sideline play is restarted.

You may pass the ball to a player behind you.
Myteam vs Urteam, team with most points wins!


Each player may...
Move Up/Down/Back/Forward;
Pass to another player who is behind them;
Do an EvtecHs Elly sidestep(jump to side).

Each player has a set of keys for...
up, down, back, forward, pass, jump up(Elly), jump down(Elly).


Sorry, this game is not suitable for mobile.

Spot the gap, score a try!

This game is about spotting gaps in the defence and going through them to score.

You`ll have to avoid being tackled and just like the actual game, those gaps sometimes disappear!

This game is designed to help you spot gaps when you`re out on the field.

Let me know when you see the gaps sooner and more often.


Click the small green flag (top/right corner) to activate the game.
Choose dificulty, level 1 to 4.
Whenever the field is clear of players press the space bar to start the next run.
Use the mouse to show the way.
Avoid the tacklers.
Cross the goal line, score a TRYEE!

Sorry, this game is not suitable for mobile.

A passing game

Here`s another game to help you understand rugby.

This passing game will help you get the feel for some of the different rugby passes.

When you choose and time your passes well you`re well on your way

Rugby moves or plays

See how some planned moves resulted in a try.

Here`s one by Lion Jamie Roberts.

Make your own game from Scratch

You may have gathered this already, but you can make your own games or other projects for that matter using Scratch.

It`s like rugby. It`s for all ages and abilities. Give it a go. I reckon if it appeals to you at all you`ll really enjoy yourself.

When you make a rugby game you would like to share get in touch using the Contact Me form.

Tell us about you and your project and we`ll go from there.