Scratch rugby passing game

This scratch rugby passing game helps you work out where and when you use different passes to break through and score.

Passing game


Your team always has the ball. Use passes to move the ball about between your players. Attempt to get to the goal-line and score a try.

The players are pretty clever. Their speed and direction are slightly random so a defender just may catch an attacker who has broken through.

Your team will always move to a position to receive a pass.

At any time you can experiment with the angle of attack - go straight up-field or tend to run across the field towards the corners.

Also experiment with attacking player alignment. What`s best - deep or flat, or somewhere in between?

The opposition are clever too. They know who has the ball and will do their best to tackle the ball carrier.

Sometimes there will be three opponents, sometimes only two. You can choose how difficult the game is by changing "Difficulty?"


There are a number of passes available. You have to choose which one is best for the ball carrier.

You say which type of pass and when, but not which direction. Sometimes players will send it the wrong way - just like the real thing!

If the ball carrier fails to pass before the two player colours touch they are tackled. Play will stop then automatically restart.

Passes available


Press the SPACE bar and the ball will be passed to the adjacent player - but only if that player is not in front of the ball carrier.


Press C for a cut-out pass. Make sure you time it well. Too early and the defender has more chance of making a tackle.

If the cut-out goes close to the player being cut out and a defender is near that player it may result in a tackle - like trying to "bat" the ball along to the next player.

Pass and loop

Press L. The player passes the ball then attempts to loop behind the player receiving the ball.

This works best with shallow alignment. Time it correctly and the looping player will be in the clear. One of the features of running rugby.


Press D.The ball carrier attempts a dummy pass. Just like a real dummy you must leave it til the very last moment.

You should see the ball move but just like the real game, even if the timing is perfect the defender may still get you.


That`s it, you`re ready to play.

Throw the ball around and see how many times you can get through the defence for a try. Play will restart automatically after a brief pause.


Start by clicking the green flag.
Experiment with angle of attack anytime.
Experiment with player alignment anytime.
Draw a defender and pass.
Avoid passing too early / too late.
Press space for normal pass.
Press C for cut-out pass.
Press L for pass and then loop.
Press D for dummy pass.
Auto restart after tackle or try.

Sorry, this game is not suitable for mobile.