Rugby tries

When you play rugby you get most points for rugby tries. Be confident you know how and where you score tries and help get extra points for conversions.


Win games

Playing in a rugby game is great fun. Winning isn't everything,... especially in rugby - but it is a great feeling to be on the winning side!

The aim of each team is to win the game by scoring more points than the opposing team.

The best and most exciting way to score is to be awarded a try.

It's also known as scoring a try.

It`s so exciting some players get "white line fever".

It means they get so fixated on getting the ball over the goal line they don`t take options that are best for the team and maybe bomb the chance of a try altogether!

You get 5 points when you score a try.

How you score them

You score a try when you move the ball into the in-goal of the other team and "ground" the ball. That is the only place a try is scored.

If you ground the ball in your own ingoal area it is not a try. There is no such thing as an "own try"

There are many ways of moving the ball into the in-goal area.

You can do it either by carrying it after breaking through the defence, maybe using some of your skills in rugby passing.

Rugby sidesteps are also good for breaking through the opposition defences.

Or you can kick it

A number of kicks which might be used are...

  • the up and under - a very high kick
  • the rolling grubber kick or the bouncing grubber kick
  • a chip kick chased by the kicker or other players

Remember to build all your catching, passing and kicking skills.

Visit the skills pages to find out how.

Grounding the ball for a try

There are only two ways of grounding the ball.

  • A player holding the ball in one or both hands or one or both arms, touches the ball on the playing surface in the area called 'in-goal'
  • The rugby ball, already on the ground in the in-goal area receives downward pressure from a player's hand or hands, arm or arms or the front of the body from neck to waist inclusive


When a try has been scored, two (2) additional points can be scored by kicking the ball so that it goes both over the bar and between the uprights of the goalposts.

You normaly use a place kick because it is more accurate... ...but you may use a drop kick if you wish (may save time because you need less preparation).

If the kick is successful the try is "converted" and extra points are awarded (scored).

The kick is taken in line with where the try was scored.

To make the angle of the kick easier, you can kick from as far away from the goal-line as you like. but the kick is then much longer.

Scoring a try near the posts makes it easier to get the extra points for converting.

Diagram shows tries near the posts make conversions easier Tries near the posts are easier to convert

Get a try at "A", out on the wing. Good but hard to convert.

Get a try at "B", Better than at "A". But still not easy.

Get a try at "C" - Best! It's straight in front, easy to convert.

So, when scoring tries, remember the kicker and the extra points...

Even after crossing the goal-line you can run towards the posts to get as near as you can to the posts before grounding the ball.

The nearer the goal posts the better - but actually scoring the try is the most important thing!

Make absolutely certain you get the ball down on the ground. If they manage to stop the ball touching the ground...NO TRY!

One more thing, if the goal posts get in the way you can "ground" the ball against the posts or the padding on the posts and it`s still a TRY! They are considered to be part of the goal line.

Concentrate on getting them

Scoring a try is exciting. It may be your own brilliant solo effort or many players involved , but overall it belongs to the whole team.

You have a responsibility to your team-mates to make your best effort to score.

Many players forget this. Instead they have their minds on personal glory and celebration. That is a big mistake! See it on YouTube

Show respect for your team-mates and the opposition.

When you are in position to score a try, JUST DO IT... (avoid delay!) ...and let other players know that`s all you want from them!