Rugby skills from gymnastics

Rugby skills from gymnastics - there are many as you may imagine. Even simple movements may help you improve rugby skills.


I`m not suggesting for one moment that you take up gymnastics to improve your rugby skills.

What I suggest is that

  • if you are already involved in gymnastics
  • if you have been involved in the past
  • if you are just thinking about gymnastics

it means

  • you ease your way into rugby
  • you pick up rugby quickly
  • you have already developed qualities useful in rugby, even if it is only that you are flexible enough consider that things other than rugby may be helpful

You rarely know about all the experience other players have had.

Someone may pick up a skill more easily. Stay positive. They may already have similar experince from another sport like gymnastics.

Gymnastics at school

I was fortunate enough to enjoy gymnastics at school and learned a great deal I didn`t even know I was learning.

I got the opportunity to learn in safe conditions - it may be one of the best things I ever did.

As I was quite involved in gym I was able to gather rugby skills from gymnastics even though it was never the reason for being involved.

Gymnastics - the benefits

Learning to perform on the different pieces of equipment together with the tumbling skills required for floor exercises help in many ways.

If you have the experience, well, you know what it`s like.

If you don`t, just imagine it. Even at an elementary level different types of vaults and floor exercises build...

  • speed
  • concentration

  • co-ordination
  • balance

  • self confidence
  • courage
  • ability to follow instructions


Thinking back I`m not sure how I was persuaded, but imagine vaulting

  • running at speed the length of the gym
  • bouncing on a few bits of springy wood

  • flying the length of a vaulting horse
  • performing some type of disorienting physical manouevre

  • endeavouring to land on your feet
  • considering style and form as you do it

  • doing it all on command
  • doing it with people watching and judging

You can imagine how you get rugby skills from gymnastics - it builds character, strength, coordination, vision, courage and confidence.

People are not born as good rugby players. If someone of a similar age and experience appears to be much better - stay positive.

They may have had loads more relevent experience. If you want to be good and are prepared, chances are you will be good, It just may take a little longer.

Floor exercises

Rugby skills from gymnastics floor exercises

Thinking back it`s easy to imagine doing them and see floor exercises are vey useful

  • you`re on the floor a lot - and get up quickly
  • you`re often staggering all over and regain balance

  • you`re often upside-down and recover and carry on
  • assessing your own performance - and improving

  • controlling your body and improving all the time
  • watching movements of others and predicting results
  • having problems and learning to triumph over them

and so you learn things.

Imagine, you`re well balanced, you know where to put your feet, you stay upright and maintain your momentum.

It may mean you score a try instead of being tackled.

Simulated gymnastics / rugby

You don`t have to do either to find out more.

You can benefit by trying out a bit of simple simulation.

Choose some nice soft ground.

I`m not going to go into detail, make it up yourself.

Just get used to...

  • falling to the floor without hurting yourself
  • rolling around on the floor - use your imagination!
  • jumping back up again as quickly as you can

I`ve just done a bit to check it out - it`s pretty good exercise!

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