Rugby perception

Things are not always as they seem. Rugby perception - seeing what is happening in a rugby game is made more difficult by stress. Take advantage.

Perception is everything

In rugby every inch is important. Imagine how you can affect the game by playing with opposition minds!

Imagine running towards the opposition in a straight line at an even pace.

They have an easy time. Their brains work out how to intercept.

They know who is going to intercept and tackle, there`s no doubt and they get a body there to stop you.

Now imagine running towards the opposition changing direction and pace slightly a number of times - much more challenging for their brains.

Now imagine running towards your opponents

  • changing direction and pace slightly
  • maybe dipping your shoulder a bit
  • or doing something unusual with your feet
  • or showing the ball in an outstretched hand

Some of what you are doing is real and means something.

Some of it looks as though something else is about to happen, but is only a fake.

It all has to be viewed and weighed up by your opponents.

They have to decide what is real and what is illusion!

It all takes computing power. It`s no longer a simple calculation to work out where you are going.

It`s no longer easy to know who must make the tackle.

Their brains are now in overload!

They are under stress and they make mistakes.

Maybe you do it without deception a number of times then throw in a bit of deception.

Perhaps you don`t get past but next time you may have more space because they hang back wondering what`s coming next!

Everything in rugby is easy

Except under stress - which is most of the time!

In rugby perception suffers from the strain involved in playing the game.

Some people look at demonstrations of simple physical deception - sidesteps for example and say

"That would never fool me - I would flatten them"

BUT - they are not under the stress that exists in a game of rugby.

Stress aids deception which plays tricks with perception and creates the important inches needed to win.

You only have to sow a seed of doubt, slow them for a fraction of a second. It may just get you through the gap for a try.

In a nutshell be tricky and as deceptive as possible. Play with opposition perceptions.

As much as possible disguise your real intentions and what is about to unfold on the pitch.

In another nutshell...

Now you understand rugby perception, be evasive and make sure you believe sidesteps are a basic rugby skill. Master them and you will excel.