Rugby passes video

Learn from this rugby passes video. See how different passes are made by expert players during actual rugby games. Just follow what they do, with a bit of practice.

Video examples of passes in rugby games

This video consists of the following clips......

Risky but useful

Lion Brian O'Driscoll passes the ball through his legs to winger George North rather than waste time turning to make a normal pass. Phew, just made it!

Well timed short pass

Tom Carter for Sydney Uni times this short pass perfectly. Carter forces the defender to commit to stopping him and so prevents the defender from sliding over to tackle the receiver. Notice the slight turn Carter makes at the last moment to protect himself from injury.

Quick relay pass

The tackler must have thought he would stop the movement - but NO! Using great handling skills the attacker manages to quickly relay the ball to support before taking the tackle.

Note hanging leg

This All Black player hangs his leg to provide balance and extra power for his pass.

Pop pass puts player through

This pass could easily have been a cut out, judging by the arm movement. Instead, with a deft flick of the wrists and fingers the ball carrier pops the ball pops the ball to the nearest player, putting him through a gap.

Long pass

Many long passes are pretty pointless because the defense can adjust so easily. Not so with this one!

Spiral or spin pass

See the spiral pass being performed and see how to catch one.

Dummy pass

Hard to see from side on. The slow replay shows how to take advantage when the situation presents itself. The defender seems to be almost begging for a dummy!