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Soak up rugby information - how and where to improve your rugby, rugby sidestep, rugby knowledge and enjoyment of rugby.

Information sources

Websites, books, tapes, DVDs, courses

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Rugby information - websites, books, tapes, DVDs Rugby information - websites, books, tapes, DVDs

Rugby information - websites, books, tapes, DVDs Rugby information - websites, books, tapes, DVDs

How you take in information so well

Be aware of how you best take in information.

We learn in different ways.

Some find it easy to look and learn, others find it easy to listen and learn, some do it and learn - others learn well in many ways.

Also, it may be easier, to say, learn how to tackle from a photo with instructions in a book rather than learn from a tackle in a video. Or the other way around!

Some rugby information from older sources may be less relevent (because of rules changes) or may be rich in great information. You really benefit.

Quality sources of rugby information

Some sources of rugby information are excellent - others it`s just fluff, poor. incomplete or incorrect.

One excellent source is World Rugby.

They have a website designed to help you, especially if you are in an area new to rugby - Get Into Rugby

Compare rugby information from different sources. Try it out yourself. When you say to yourself "This is good" or "This is the best", you know you`re in the right place.

Be choosey. Soak up the good stuff and you`ll learn rapidly.

Use a variety of sources

You will find plenty of rugby information on this site.

There are plenty of other places! Coaching can be very useful and you can do a lot yourself to build your own store of rugby information.

Use a variety of sources. You`ll experince a broad range of information presented in many different ways and may find some easier to absorb than others.

It's also useful to at least sample information from other sports. Knowledge and skills overlap - you never know where you might pick up useful information!


I played both rugby and football (soccer) (and lots more!).

I once watched a video tape of "101 Best Goals" (Football) a few times because I enjoyed it so much. A superb tape showing different ways of putting the ball in the net. One after another after another, balls rocketing into the net.

It turned out to be a real lesson!

As a mid-field player it was something I was never very good at - but after just watching the video I really improved. Friends noticed too!

You just absorb it - so watch quality stuff - plenty of sidesteps!

Watch, notice the micro-muscle movements as you learn and take it in.

A good place to start would be "101 Best Tries" with Cliff Morgan - it`s a BBCtv Sports Presentation. It`s old footage, real fun and you`ll see lots of sidesteps. Its probably fairly cheap. You may even get a second hand copy.


Rugby on dvd is a valuable source of rugby knowledge. Although the medium is more recent than video tapes there is a wide variety of rugby styles to be seen if you select a good rugby dvd containing sidesteps.

You might want to start with...
...the BBC DVD "1973 BARBARIANS v ALL BLACKS" "the greatest rugby match ever played" (you know it's true, it says so on the cover!).

You`ll see sidesteps galore.

If you get the version with the special feature of commentry with Phil Bennett, David Duckham and Gareth Edwards, you'll also get some insight from some of the great players playing that day.

David Campese - a name most rugby fans would associate with exciting rugby and the rugby sidestep. "Campese - Rugby's My Life" is a DVD well worth watching. You'll see many examples of elusive running. I bought it from his shop in Sydney but you can also get it from his website.

If you think you`re training hard, maybe you should think again. The DVD "Shaolin Kung Fu"(PG Documentary starring Jet Li, not an action movie) may help you take your training to a new level. I think I first got it from the library, then tracked down a copy which seem to be a bit scarce now. It appears to be out of print. Borrow it if you can!


Some people find it easy to take in information from books. Books are a very good source of rugby information.

Compare what you read with what you find on the internet. You`ll find huge amounts of valuable and interesting information is available in rugby books.

Look for second hand rugby books at book fairs, jumble sales or car boot sales - you get some real bargains. Many former players have interesting and inspirational stories to tell.

There may be some good ones at your local library, if not they may get them in if you ask.

Have a look at "How to Play Rugby My Way" - by Jonny Wilkinson. Interesting, lots of good general rugby information, tips and advice on how to gain and improve many rugby skills.(ISBN 978 0 7553 1338 9)

However, I must say I find what he has to say about communication between players interesting. In my day all we had time for was a quick "Yes!" or "Inside!" and stuff like that.

Jonny describes whole conversations between players about what is about to unfold in play. Is that really what happens these days?

No wonder I can`t understand why they do some of the things they do - I suspect they are just sticking to the plan when it`s no longer feasible!

I would also be wary of the evasion technique he describes as a two footed sidestep!

The book "Rugby" in the Steps to Success Activity Series also looks useful (ISBN 0 88011 509 2). Plenty of help on the basics of handling, passing, catching and kicking, plus much more.

Books by players and former players are good for finding out what rugby players think, how they prepare and the huge effort they are prepared to put in to be the best.


Another source of rugby information. Maybe a very personal view.

They keep you up-to-date with information, thoughts and feelings of a person or group of people - usually with a fairly narrow focus. So look around and get information from a number of blogs.

You`ll have to find one! As an example, in Google

I typed in and found this many possibles
rugby blogs 1,430,000
rugby blogs australia 691,000
rugby blogs sydney 200,000
. .

There are plenty of possibilities. Go beyond the first couple of pages. You may find a real gem way back down the list. You`ll have fun looking.

A blog worth visiting is letchworthgirls blog. View the 2006/7 highlights video. You`ll see confident players with good skills having a really good time. Watch the number 10 use excellent evasion skills to beat the fullback in the segment starting at 5:21. (Update - you may now need to search the site for this clip.)

I followed a suggested link on letchworthgirls to "Wikio" which gave some good information on sports blogs. This facility no longer exists, so maybe just search for "rugby blogs"

From Wikio I selected a link and visited Women`s Rugby Review (no longer functioning) After an interesting visit there I followed a link to another site...

Total Flanker. Another interesting and enjoyable blog. You may get a bit of insight into rugby player positions by looking at the "Total Flanker Positional Guides".

Read the one on Scrum Half. As a former scrum half I can assure you this man knows what he`s talking about! We`re a blog entry as well! - read it, subscribe to his feed, this man is talented!

Bookmark good sites so you can find them again.

How about that for a guide - find something you like, enjoy it then follow suggested links. It`s likely to be other interesting, enjoyable and informative sites.

Want to know what's happening in Women's Rugby in the USA - a great place to start is with Wendy Young at Scrumhalf Connection

Keep up to date on Australian rugby news and views with the blog and forum at Green and Gold Rugby


Forums provide a means of passing on rugby information, interests and opinions as well as building your own knowledge.

They are good places to find differing opinions on how the game should be played, coached, viewed and supported.

One forum I like is 'rugbyrebels'. They seem to have changed the name to

Some forums insist you join before you can view anything. I prefer the ones that allow you to view and simply prevent you from posting if you are not a member.


Websites are a valuable resource.

Learn how to search for rugby information. It's well worth spending a bit of time finding out how to search well.

Search for the to search. Or try these search tips.

You'll be rewarded by getting the information you really want. You'll be presented with information closely related to your search item rather than only slightly related.

You`ll find plenty of great rugby video clips at Rugbydump

You will find some rugby games at... RuckingRugby

About the game, play, positions, skills from Norman Stalker. It was at '' but is moving. I'll let you know about the new one.

And remember... winning isn`t everything. You may find some inspiring stories at

Rugby Memorabilia

Memorabilia sites can be a valuable source of rugby information. They contain all sorts of rugby bits and pieces which help you feel part of it. They help you understand how rugby has developed and become the much-loved game it is today.

I`ve bought books, video tapes, DVDs old programs and old magazines.

I love the 1973 Barbarians v All Blacks, especially all the sidesteps. A very special link I have to that game is an original program from the game, complete with photos and details of all the players - Ten Pence. But that was on the day. I got mine recently and had to pay a bit more!

Where did I get it? - rugbyrelics, a site I enjoy visiting. I`ve bought a number of rugby items from here and always been completely happy (not an advert and no connection!).

Know more of what rugby players know - follow the link below.