Rugby catching

When you play good rugby catching skills are very important. With these skills you will find you are involved, confident and a valued member of the team.

Before you are able to do anything with the rugby ball in a game you must control the ball.

Make sure you hold the ball well and keep practicing your handling.skills

You can do this easily if you go to the handling pages (Core skills) before you start on your catching.

Then it`s time to get to grips with rugby catching basics.

Confidently deal with catching situations

Accept a pass

It`s an important skill.

It means you will always play an important part in rugby games when you and your team move the ball around the field searching out weakness in the defence.

Weaknesses may be gaps in the defence or mismatches of players in, say, speed, size or condition.

How you catch a pass in different situations in rugby is covered in catching a pass.

When the ball is high

Often in rugby the ball is kicked.

Many times it will be kicked high into the air to gain as much ground as possible and prevent opposition players from stopping the forward movement of the ball.

At the same time, kicking the high ball is used to unsettle players in the opposing team about to catch the ball.

Skill and courage are required to catch the high ball when a number of opposition players are racing towards you as you concentrate on the ball.

You are confident and successful catching the high ball when you know how to deal with this situation

When it's rolling

Sometimes kicks are put through defences to break through and score.

You may find you are faced with the ball rolling towards you.

You must deal with it.

You deal easily with catching a rolling ball as you will know what to expect and what to do.

When it's bouncing

Other kicks are put through defences so players don`t have to carry the ball through the defensive line.

When you know how to go about catching a bouncing ball you will find you deal well with the situation when the ball is bobbling and bouncing across the pitch.

Practice enough and you will know exactly what to do.