Pop pass

The pop pass is a valuable rugby pass. You use it to get the ball to a player who will be close and you want to disguise your intention to pass to them.


Build good rugby skills.

A pass is easier if you have good handling skills (choose core skills from he menu) and good rugby passing basics.

Disguise your short pass

When you use only the spin pass you miss out on other opportunities.

Your body movements and positioning of the ball give information to opponents.

It is easy to see that you will make a hard and fast medium to long pass. It is not easy to turn it into something else and it is difficult to mistake it for anything else!

Pop pass of a rugby ball starting position Pop pass, starting

When you use other passes the position of your body and the position of the ball disguise what you are about to do.

This is the start of the pass.

It could easily be the start of other things - a normal pass, a swing pass, a lob pass.

It could easily be changed to a chip and chase kick or to put through a rolling ball or bouncing grubber.

Note - high arm action gives protection from the tackler.

Arms drawn well back give power message that says a medium pass or a long pass is about to be delivered.

How to make a pop pass

Pop pass of a rugby ball finish position Pop pass, finish

You use both hands.

From the wound up start position with your arms drawn high to one side you swing your arms across your body.

You suddenly stop your arms in front of your body and do the rest of the pass with your wrists and fingers only.

You pop the ball upwards and outwards into the path of a charging support player. That player is running into the gap between you and the player your opponents thought was your target.

You have loads of control.

Your slight turn gives a great range of sight and a great range of movement.

Remember, just gently pop it out into the gap for your support to run on to and gather at speed.

It's easy to practice this pass alone.

Get fit and agile while you master this pass.

Make the pass, run and get it. Again, from where you end up...

Make the pass, run and get it. Just keep doing it!

Main points

  • initial actions imply medium to long pass
  • it is a disguised short pass
  • send deceptive messages with high drawn back arms

  • know your real target
  • wrists and fingers important
  • suitable for any player

Now go on from here. Follow the link below to find and master more passes to store away in your passing toolbox.