One arm carry

The one arm carry is a way to hold the ball during a rugby game when you want to run fast and be confident you will keep hold of the ball.

To carry the ball at speed, securely

Often in rugby you will want to run fast.

If you`re carrying the ball it will affect how you run.

For maximum speed you will usually carry the ball in one arm - the one furthest away from potential tacklers.

Carrying the ball in one arm also leaves you with one arm free to fend off players attempting to tackle you.

You want speed and and the ability to hang onto the ball.

You want it to be secure in your grip - both while you run and if you come into contact with other players.

Carry ball, one arm-1 Carry ball, one arm-1

Carry ball, one arm-2 Carry ball, one arm-2

Running fast and carrying the rugby ball is different from just running fast.

You only have one arm free for your running action.

Search for ways to hold the ball securely and be balanced as you run.

This is a good way to do it...

  • prepare by holding the ball in the "cage grip"
  • slide one hand half-way towards the front of the ball, thumb and fingers still on the seams (easier to hold), push ball against wrist

  • pull arm backwards until point of ball between biceps and chest
  • ball is cradled securely, slight bulge of ball above your forearm
  • pull strongly against your chest, allow to roll on chest as you run

You`ll keep possesion with this one arm carry till you want to let go.

As you run, you will find your arm carrying the ball is able to perform a modified running action, helped by rolling the ball across your chest.

You run with a well balanced action and carry the ball well, into contact if necessary.

The ball is in a safe position and is hard to remove from your grip, even if you`re caught. It`s also available for a one handed (flick pass) if that option is available.

Practice enough so you feel comfortable and confident with the ball.

This is a good way to hold the ball when you sidestep. It adds weight to the tackler`s impression you`re going to try and run around them.