Jamie Roberts try

This Jamie Roberts try in the 2013 Lions v Wallabies 3rd Test was a well honed move. See how the play unfolded, then use it to bag a try.

How Jamies`s try unfolded

As you will see the try came from a maul near touch on the Wallabies 22 metre line.

The ball came out to number 9, the scrum half. He had several options. He could run, kick or pass to one of several players.

Much thought must have gone into this planned move and it caught the Wallabies napping.

Jamie didn`t stay in his normal position in the backline, between the fly-half and the outside centre, running straight up field.

Instead he ran a line cutting back towards touch, across in front of the fly-half, heading straight for a gap between two players.

The way the play had been set up kept the defenders guessing about who was actually going to receive the ball until it was too late.

Taking the ball at speed he was through the gap and with a straight run to the line he scored withe barely a hand touching him.

See Jamie`s try unfold

Use the animation below to see how the try was constructed.

When you know how, practice it then try it in a game.

Report back here when you score a try using this move!

To start (and restart) click green flag.
To see the initial moves press the'1' key
See the move unfold by pressing the '2' key
See the final pass, press the '3' key

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