Improving rugby skills

By improving rugby skills here you will find you are skillful, confident and resourceful. You practice the process so you are more able to coach yourself.

Gaining skills - how to improve

Gaining skills is straight forward. Find out how to do it. Then do it enough until you`re skilled at it!

How do you find out how to do it?

There are a few ways to find out how...

  • Follow instructions from someone who knows. This could be in person, from a book or from a dvd / video.

  • Watch someone with good rugby skills and follow what they do. How do you know it`s good? Listen to the crowd and commentators.

  • Experiment and create your own skill

You must be sure that the example is worth following!


Examine and compare a number of sources,

It`s possible there are a number of good ways of achieving the same thing or some may be more suitable for certain situations or conditions.

You`ll benefit. You`ll know them all and you`ll know which is best in the circumstances.

It`s true. Sometimes you spend time on something which turns out unsuitable or some instructions are poor, but you benefit anyway. You know more about the source!

You improve your skill. The skill of learning a new skill.

You`ll know better next time. Maybe explore the source more before you commit time and effort to improving rugby skills.

Do it until you`re skilled

Take every opportunity to get a wide variety of experience.

If you have previously done something similar you may be already semi-skilled at the new task.

Break the skill into parts.

Aim to be able to perform each part perfectly.

You will find parts easy to master, allowing more time to concentrate on any weak parts.

Practice with a skill you already have. Break it down into component parts. Learn to be aware of what you are doing and thinking.

Watch how you perform the various parts and ask yourself questions about what you did right, what could be done better when compared with what you know as the best way to do it.

"Which way was my foot pointing? "How did my fingers affect where the ball went?" "Where was I looking, did it affect the result?"

Frequently put all the parts together and perform as one skill.

  • Observe the model - how is it done perfectly
  • Perform the action, aiming to perfectly copy the model

  • Assess what you did - was it perfect
  • If not perfect - adjust and improve what you did

  • If perfect - do it again! and again!!
  • Keep repeating these steps

Remember the performance of the skill in a game will reflect the performance of the skill in practice.

The more you frequently do it perfectly in practice, the more you will do it perfectly in the game.