Flick pass

The flick pass is a useful pass in rugby. Valuable when you are being tackled and can use only one hand to pass to a player running in close support.


The foundation for all your rugby skills - good handling

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Fending off a tackler - one hand available

Flick pass of a rugby ball starting position Flick pass, start

This is a one handed pass very useful when fending off a tackler with the "inside" arm.

In this situation you would be holding the ball against your chest with your "outside" arm.

Get to the starting position shown by using your fingers to press the ball against the back of your forearm.

This makes carrying the ball very secure and also allows you to hold the ball securely with the one hand available.

If your hands are large enough you will be able to easily turn a one arm carry into a pass like this without using your forearm.

How you make a flick pass

Flick pass of a rugby ball finishing position Finish

When you press the ball against the back of your forearm you can control it securely with one hand. It looks a bit like a mechanical digger.

When you are ready and your support is well positioned coming up outside you simply flick the ball towards your target.

This pass is best used over fairly short distances.

You can easily practice alone. Simply stand near a convenient armchair at home.

Get the ball in one arm, against your chest. Go through the motions of defending yourself from a tackler.

Make sure you can hold the ball in one hand and confidently move it around.

Then make the pass into the armchair, retrieve it and start again. You`ll become an expert overnight!

Flick pass summary

  • short pass
  • used in pressure situations
  • suitable for any player

  • fingers press the ball against back of forearm
  • flick out of the back of the hand

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