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What you`ll find on our Facebook pages

Our pages will be what we make them together. We hope you`ll enjoy the video clips and pictures and take part in some of the discussions.

We`ve put some material there and we would love to see some from you. You can upload your own pictures and videos. Let us know who you are and what your story is.

World rugby

We have visitors from countries/territories around the world.

In a typical month we have visitors from over 180 countries,

In the last year we have have had visitors from 224 countries!

Who knows what the addition of the Facebook pages will bring?

Many Facebook rugby pages are related to a single club or single interest but ours is a world wide group of people united in wanting to know more and share our love of the game.

So many people are now on Facebook. Simply visiting our pages and commenting may become a catalyst for growth of rugby in your area and around the world.

All Blacks Facebook challenge

The All blacks have an official "page" on facebook. They have been there for a while and of course are very popular.

We want to do well too, so we`re aiming high!

We want as many people like our pages as like theirs, more in fact!

It shouldn`t be that hard should it? They have All Black followers, we have the rest of the world. You can of course like both. We have a common aim of seeing and/or playing good rugby.

The day we started we had 1 like (Helen Dawson), the All Blacks had 684,366.

A couple of days later we had 6, they had 685,366 so we`re going backwards. It`s early days. Everyone has to start somewhere.

We`ll keep a tally here, see how we do.

All Blacks Us Gap Change
Start 684,953 1 -684,952
2 Days 685,366 6 -685,360 -408
1 month 722,397 24 -722,373 -37,013
2 months 741,502 39 -741,463 -19,090
3 months 782,981 47 -780,934 -39,471
4 months 834,277 55 -834,222 -53,288
5 months 921,411 67 -921,344 -87,122
6 months ? ? ? ?

Six months have passed. We need to concentrate on the positives - time for a new table!

Months All Blacks Growth% Us Growth%
0 684,953 . 1 .
1 722,397 5.47 24 2300
2 741,502 2.64 39 62.50
3 782,981 5.59 47 20.51
4 834,277 6.55 55 17.02
5 921,411 10.44 67 21.81
6 959,323 4.11 86 28.35
7 1,016,698 5.98 97 12.79
8 1,097,065 7.90 117 20.62
9 1,194,799 8.91 151 29.06
10 1,334,206 11.67 170 12.58
11 ? ? ? ?

Wow! End of month 9 and another good month for our Facebook rugby page. Up more than 29 percent, all natural! Thank you everyone for your likes!

End of month 10 and growth only just ahead of All Blacks. Maybe ABs winning the Rugby World Cup had something to do with it!


Sorry I got bored with this project!

I changed things and fewer people are visiting this page, so fewer people are aware of the facebook page. This has made updating this page more like hard work than fun.

I`m treating it more like a game of rugby now.

Forget the scoreboard, just get on with the game!

I hope you will like us anyway

As of April 2014 we have over 4000 likes

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We used to be called Rugby Sidestep Central and by June 2015 we had over 12000 likes. We also had over 700 comments, almost totally positive.

Then I changed the name to RugbyHow, so we are starting again from ZERO!

See videos, upload a video of your sidestep one-on-none efforts!

Just follow this link RugbyHow on Facebook

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