EvtecHs Welly Training

This is about the "Evtechs Wizard Elevation Sidestep" or "Welly"

This is an evasion technique used at a range of paces from slow to fast

You aim to beat your opponent by changing direction sharply without giving any indication you are about to do so.

It is similar to an Elly except you use a different action.

The action allows you to perform the technique at higher speed in a fluid, well balanced manner and with seemingly little effort. This makes it difficult to spot and understand what you have done which makes you a scary player to defend against.

Defenders appear to have misjudged their efforts and may appear inept.

How you do a Welly

Same video as the Elly, you just use a different action.

Breaking through with a similar technique

Welly Introduction

Evtechs Wizard Elevation Sidestep

Why "Wizard'?

Because it's magical

Run fast and change direction in one stride - a rare skill.

It's a devastating technique which looks great and is easy to appreciate the effects in a game.

However it's difficult to perform and yet appears relatively unremarkable when simply demonstrated to any but the most knowledgeable.

Welly Phase 1

1,2,3,miss a step!...

Video shows how to do an EvtecHs Welly.

It's as simple as that - all you do is miss a step!

I treasure my ability to perform the Welly.

If you appreciate this skill I encourage you to contact me...

... especially if you have great wealth, a great story or a great idea :)

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