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Jelly info

How the Jelly works

Creating chaos with a similar technique, see segment "O'Connor steps through"

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Jelly Introduction

Evtechs Jink Elevation Sidestep

This Jink Elly is an evasion technique used at a range of paces from slow to moderate

You aim to beat your opponent by suddenly changing direction.

You are so convincing that they must move to block your path.

But it was never your intended direction.

You have distributed your weight so well that when you land you naturally and with little effort spring back in the opposite direction.

This takes you clear of their attempted tackle and leaves a clear path for you to run forward. JELLY!

Watch the example

  • You deceptively and unexpectedly take action
    • so, you take your opponents by surprise
  • You suddenly and dramatically change body posture
    • you persuade them they 'know' where you are going
    • so, you make it necessary for your opponents to react
  • You deceptively use your body
    • which persuades them to move aside
    • and you take advantage of the clear path created
  • You train both legs
    • so you can take advantage of any opportunity
    • and you stack the one-on-one odds in your favour
  • Most players on the field will remain unaware of what you did or how you did it
    • so your opponents begin to fear your ability and "hang off"
  • It is over in a flash and you are ready for the next situation
    • so you can chain techniques together - one after another after another, left or right

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Jelly Phase 1


Phase 1 instructions

  • stand upright, feet together
  • use left foot or right foot first, whichever you prefer
  • start walking slowly
  • as you walk, when each foot touches the floor, count each step
  • you may count aloud or count inside your head
  • now you are walking slowly, saying "ONE.. TWO.. THREE"
  • at the fourth step, start the count again,
  • saying "ONE.. TWO.. THREE" as you walk
  • you're getting into the rhythm
  • keep repeating

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Jelly Phase 2

1,2,3, short-4!

Phase 2 instructions

  • start out the same as Phase 1
  • walking slowly, saying "ONE.. TWO.. THREE"
  • at the 4th step
  • instead of restarting the count
  • bring your back foot
  • up behind the heel of your front foot
  • and say "SHORT"
  • quickly step out forward and wide with your front foot
  • saying "FOUR"
  • so all together that's
  • after doing "FOUR"
  • you will find that you naturally
  • sway over a little in the opposite direction
  • where you put your foot down
  • starting the next sequence
  • keep repeating
  • practice at a range of speeds

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Jelly Phase 3

1,2,3, short-4!, 5!

Phase 3 instructions

Do the same as Phase 2


but this time for "FOUR"

  • be on the ball of your foot for "FOUR",
  • and bend that knee to create power,
  • then spring sideways
  • saying "FIVE"
  • so all together that's
  • When you land on "FIVE"
  • bring your other foot up to the landing foot
  • and start off with your landing foot

You are training both legs, well done!

  • practice at a range of speeds
  • keep repeating

All this will cause your opponent to move to intercept you.

When you unexpectedly spring sideways at the end you have avoided the immediate threat and you are in a new situation.

You use this technique to persuade opponents to move aside, then you go through the gap created.

Well done. You can do a Jelly!

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