EvtecHs Elly Phase 5

Any problems, drop back to the previous Phase.

Watch this short video
Do exactly as instructed
This is
"Slow trot 1,2,3,HUCK"

The video shows most of what you must know and do.

To be certain you include every detail correctly and so
   you are confident
   you are doing it well
   step by step instructions follow.

EvtecHs Elly Phase 5 step by step

  1. again we are going to combine two elements
  2. start with a slow trotting "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup" etc
  3. when you feel comfortable...
    1. ...add on the motion for "BACK!"...
    2. ...but there is not enough time to say "Hup,BACK!"...
    3. ...so combine the words to "HUCK"
    4. ...so it becomes "1,2,3,HUCK!"
  4. while saying "HUCK"...
    1. ...combine the "Hup" and "BACK!" motions...
    2. ...into one swift "HUCK" motion
  5. you will notice that when you did the "HUCK"...
    1. ...your other leg came forward to keep you upright...
    2. ...and you sidestepped!
  6. that`s right...you are doing well...
    1. ...now do the repetitions...
    2. ..."1,2,3,HUP", "1,2,3,HUP", "1,2,3,HUCK"
    3. ..."1,2,3,HUP", "1,2,3,HUP", "1,2,3,HUCK"

Remember to go both left and right! (set off on different feet)

You`re aiming for...

  • just 1,2,3,HUCK!, then
  • just ...HUCK! and then
  • just voom! and you`re gone

That`s it, well done!!

Keep practicing. Vary the speed. Stay calm. Build slowly.

You`re well on your way.

It may help if you lean a little, away from your 'Hucking' leg.

This will make it look even more as though you are going in that direction and make it a little easier to do the 'Hucking' action.

Now start practicing so that you can trot along and pull an Elly out of the blue. Trot around the field and do one just as and when it comes to mind.

Pick out (see) a mark on the ground some distance ahead as you trot along. When you get there chuck an Elly!

Get plenty of practice. When you do one the moment you think of it - that`s the time to start thinking you will use it in a game.

That's all for Session 5.

When you are ready you'll find some extra information when you...

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