EvtecHs Elly Phase 4

Any problems, drop back to the previous Phase.

Watch this short video
Do exactly as instructed
This is
"Slow walk 123Hup,baaack"

The video shows most of what you must know and do.

To be certain you include every detail correctly and so
   you are confident
   you are doing it well
   step by step instructions follow.

EvtecHs Elly Phase4 step by step

  1. in this Phase we take two areas of work and combine them
  2. start with a slow walking "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup"
  3. when you feel comfortable...
    1. ...add on an extended word "back"...
    2. ...so it becomes "1,2,3,Hup,baaack", "1,2,3,Hup,baaack"
  4. while saying "baaack"...
    1. ...gently swing your raised, straight leg until it is slightly behind you...
    2. ...then gently swing it forwards again...
    3. ...to the "Hup" position...
    4. ...and let it go to the ground as you do in "1,2,3,Hup"
  5. that`s right...you are doing well...
    1. ...now do the repetitions...
    2. ..."1,2,3,Hup,baaack", "1,2,3,Hup,baaack", "1,2,3....

That's all for Phase 4

When you are confident
    you can do this under pressure
move on to Phase 5

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