EvtecHs Elly Phase 2

Any problems, drop back to the previous Phase.

Watch this short video.
Do exactly as shown
This is "Trot 123Hup"

The video shows most of what you must know and do.

To be certain you include every detail correctly and so
   you are confident
   you are doing it well
   step by step instructions follow.

EvtecHs Elly Phase 2 step by step

  • the same thing again, but this time at a slow trot
  • still saying to yourself "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup". "1,2.....
  • you will notice a slight difference
  • ...a little hop has appeared, without even asking
  • ...you have introduced a little hop to maintain your balance
  • ...this is good, well done!
  • now more of the same...much more
  • slow trot, saying to yourself "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,...
  • you are building, creating that groove
  • the more you do the sooner you will do it instinctively
  • still good even steps at the trot - get into the rhythm, "1,2,3,Hup"
  • many hundreds of repetitions is good - the more the better
  • everything you do is building your skill
  • gradually speed up to a faster trot
  • the faster you go the longer the hop...
  • ...the more powerful your legs need to be...
  • all repetitions are building your leg strength and endurance
  • this is good, well done!
  • gradually speed up over a period of time...
  • ...until you can do it at various trotting speeds up to a FAST TROT

That is all for Phase 2

When you are confident
    you can do this under pressure
move on to Phase 3

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