EvtecHs Elly Phase 1

This is about the "Evtechs Elevation Sidestep" or "Elly"
as in "I chucked an Elly!"

Do each Phase in the order presented (Phase 1, 2, 3 and so on)

You want solid foundations.

Master each Phase before you move on to the next.

If you have any problems, drop back to the previous Phase.

Forget about why you do things... each Phase has a specific purpose.

Things you must do

  • examine closely what you are asked to do
  • do exactly what you are asked to do - nothing more, nothing less
  • repeat the step many, many (hundreds of) times to embed it in your body memory...it will become part of you...so you eventually do things instinctively...it may seem easy now...this will make sure you do it under pressure, without even thinking!
  • do every Session in the correct order because each one builds on all previous ones

Your first steps...

Be alone, away from interruptions and prying eyes.

What you are about to do may seem strange and/or intriguing to others.

It is best for you to avoid comments and questions at this stage.

You also help sustain the intrigue and mystery surrounding sidesteps.

Imagine a future time when you, out of the blue, unleash your devastating new skill!

Watch this short video.
Do exactly as shown
This is "Walking 123Hup"


The video shows most of what you must know and do.

To be certain you include every detail correctly and so
   you are confident
   you are doing it well
   step by step instructions follow.

EvtecHs Elly Phase 1 step by step

  • forget military, think panther/leopard
  • stand upright, feet together
  • use left foot or right foot first, whichever you prefer
  • start walking slowly
  • as you walk, when each foot touches the floor, count each step
  • you may count aloud or count inside your head
  • now you are walking slowly, saying "ONE".... "TWO".... "THREE"
  • at the fourth step, pause briefly
  • with your foot out in front, in the air, above the ground
  • pull your toes up so your leg and foot form a letter "V"
  • at the same time say "Hup"
  • let that foot go to the floor
  • when it touches the floor, say "ONE" again
  • to recap... the same foot is both "Hup" (when in the air) and "ONE" when it eventually touches down on the ground
  • keep going so you continue through the cycle again
  • so... you are walking slowly saying "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup"
  • make the "Hup" last the same amount of time as each of the "1,2,3" counts
  • go through these steps slowly, evenly and rhythmically
  • the count of three steps is important because it causes you to raise your legs alternately
  • do extra repetitions at home, down the hallway or across your bedroom!
  • repeat
  • keep repeating
  • create a groove in your brain..."1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,3,Hup", "1,2,....
  • then move on, you can always come back and do some more
  • you can even do it on the spot -  go through the motions "1,2,3,Hup"
  • gradually speed up, until you are doing it as fast as you can WALK

That is all for Phase 1

When you are confident
    you can do this under pressure
move on to Phase 2

Go to Elly training Phase 2