EvtecHs Elly Training

This is an evasion technique used at a range of paces from slow to fairly fast

You aim to beat your opponent by changing direction sharply without giving any indication you are about to do so.

How you do an Elly

Breaking through with a similar technique

Elly Introduction

EvtecHs is all about deception.  About making opponents believe one thing is going to happen then making something else happen instead.

It is mainly about changing direction abruptly and in unexpected ways giving opponents as little time as possible to react.

You naturally indicate you will continue in the one direction then you suddenly change direction usually too quickly to be stopped.

To do this you use your body weight.

You cleverly shift your weight as you move and unbalance your movement so you swiftly change direction.


will show you an effective way to shift your weight and how you perform the Evtechs Elevation Sidestep (Evtechs Elly)

It is called the "Evtechs Elevation Sidestep" for a bit of fun because you elevate as you do it.

This, seriously, is a very advanced and very powerful means of evasion.

EvtecHs Elly - over in a flash

Elly features and what it means for you...

  • You deceptively and unexpectedly change direction
    • so, you take your opponents by surprise
  • You suddenly and dramatically change direction
    • so, you make it difficult for your opponents to react
    • and it takes you out of reach of defenders
  • You make a huge change of direction in one stride
    • so, when you know you want to change direction, you can leave it to the last moment
    • and when opportunities suddenly arise, you take advantage in a flash
  • You sidestep off either leg
    • so you can take advantage of disorganised defence - zig-zagging through
    • and you stack the one-on-one odds in your favour
  • You are able to maintain much of your speed
    • so your opponents are left standing - they experience you "accelerating away"
    • you don't accelerate away - you just maintain much of your speed
  • You are able to maintain much of your momentum
    • so you burst past unbalanced opponents
  • Most players on the field will remain unaware of what you did or how you did it
    • so your opponents begin to fear your ability and "hang off"
    • and have lots of new angles to worry about...
    • ...because you keep going through gaps they never thought you could
  • It is over in a flash and you are ready for the next situation
    • so you can chain them together - one after another after another, left or right

Tuition features, what it means for you

  • Complex skill built in easy component-like stages
    • so you master components of the skill, then combine the components
  • Video instructions and detailed description of actions
    • so you use the video and easily take in what is required
    • and double check in the text if you have any questions
  • Unique, innovative and copyright material
    • so you progress rapidly to competence
    • and no need to keep looking...it's all right here
  • Unique exercises embed skills quickly
    • so, once learned, repeated practice will create a valuable instinctive skill
  • You need no equipment
    • so there are no additional costs
    • and you practice anywhere
  • Unique and intriguing exercises may prompt unwanted comments and questions
    • so, best you practice alone!

And the real benefit for you is when you are skilled you are a very confident, talented, powerful, thought provoking, awe inspiring one person strike force.

You shred defences, produce something from nothing, turn situations around and inspire others...

  and you really enjoy yourself along the way!

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