EVasion TECHniqueS, Evtechs, a set of clever, deceptive, efficient and effective techniques for evading opponents in contact sports.

Step-by-step training

Why use Evtechs

How you learn to use Evtechs

Step-by-step EvtecHs Training

Learn EvtecHs step-by-step - click on links

Here are links to Elly introduction, 5 phases of tuition (E1 - E5), tips (E6), then links to tuition for other techniques.

[The Elly] [E1] [E2] [E3] [E4] [E5] [E6]

[The Delly] [The Selly] [The Jelly] [The Relly] [The Belly] [The Welly] [The Lelly]

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Why you need these evasion skills

So you can get past defenders

You want to get past the opposition, don't you?

The best way is to use clever footwork.

Here's a good example!

In a game like rugby you are an outstanding player when you have extraordinary skills.

You have to start somewhere.

You naturally start with handling, passing and catching. Then kicking and tackling. Maybe you already have great skills.

But where do you end? Most players are satisfied with the basics.

Few gather skills like these...

  • how you avoid tackles
  • how you slip through defences
  • how you move opposition

You`re different...aren`t you!

You`re here reading this! :)

It`s simple and obvious - when you are an extraordinary player, you have skills most (ordinary) players don`t have.

Trust your own judgement that these skills are worth it. Continue your journey into fascinating rugby - using the power of your mind.

You`re here, looking at this, so you`re well on your way - you may find you`re saying to yourself "This is what I want!"

Imagine, you convince opponents so they move aside - or you defeat them when you avoid them and slip through the gaps.

Enjoy adding these amazing new skills while you hone and perfect your other skills.

Small extra effort, massive rewards!

EvtecHs evasion skills demo

With the Elly or Welly (more difficult Welly demonstrated above), you change your angle of attack in one stride. Imagine it!...

Pick the right moment and you go straight past!

Most players will simply not know what happened!!.

This is what I can do at my age (59), imagine what you can do!!.

These techniques help you change direction when you shift your weight.

You learn this along with handling, passing, catching, etc, then go left, go right, go left again...go anywhere!

Create chaos and break defences by combining all your skills.

Learn other techniques in the set and create chaos more often.

You are an EvtecHs natural?

Many say you're born with a sidestep...or not!

That's codswallop - or words to that effect!

I couldn't do it but taught myself (at age 19) after seeing a wizard.

You too can, do it.

This aptitude test video shows the natural nature of EvtecHs skills

This clip is meant as a bit of fun.

It`s also very serious, but nothing to do with genes!

Believe it. See yourself fly past opponents

Find out how, practice enough, you will find you are brilliant.

Experience EVasion TECHniqueS, maybe feel you're a natural.

Learn this type of sidestep and you will be happy and confident.

Practice enough and the rewards, well maybe they will be huge!

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How you learn to use EvtecHs

EvtecHs is the name I have given to my evasion techniques.

They really work! They are tried and tested.

You may muddle through on your own, but why risk it? You've only got one life. Live it!

I have put in a huge effort to provide step by step instructions on how to do these fantastic steps.

Follow the instructions and you will beat player after player like I used to do.

Make the effort.

  • You deceptively and unexpectedly change direction
    • so you take them by surprise
    • they know they have a problem, will have to be wary
  • You suddenly and dramatically change direction
    • you shock them! they can't react
    • worrying about what you'll do next affects their game
  • You make a huge change of direction in one stride
    • so, when you know you want to change direction, you can leave it to the last moment
    • and when opportunities suddenly arise, you take advantage in a flash
  • You sidestep off either leg
    • so you can take advantage of disorganised defence - zig-zagging through
    • and you stack the one-on-one odds in your favour
  • You are able to maintain much of your speed
    • so your opponents are left standing - they experience you "accelerating away"
    • you don't accelerate away - you just maintain much of your speed
  • You are able to maintain much of your momentum
    • so you burst past unbalanced opponents
  • Most players won't know what you did or how you did it
    • so your opponents begin to fear your ability and "hang off"
    • they have lots of new angles to worry about...
    • ...because you keep going through gaps they didn't know were there
  • It is over in a flash and you are ready for the next situation
    • so you can chain them together - one after another after another, left or right

Tuition features

  • Complex skill built in easy component-like stages
    • so you master the components, then combine the components - practice only what you need to
  • Video instructions and detailed description of actions
    • so you use the video and easily take in what is required
    • double check in the text if you have any questions
  • Unique, innovative and copyright material
    • so you progress rapidly to competence
    • no need to keep looking...it's all right here
  • Unique exercises embed skills quickly
    • so, once learned, repeated practice will create a valuable instinctive skill
  • You need no equipment
    • so there are no additional costs
    • and you practice anywhere
  • Unique and intriguing exercises may prompt unwanted comments and questions
    • so, best practice alone!

when skilled you are a one person strike force.

You shred defences, create gaps, turn games and inspire others.

And you really enjoy yourself along the way!

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