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Delly info

How the Delly works

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Delly Introduction

Evtechs Dummy Elevation Sidestep

Similar to what many call a Goosestep

It's called 'Dummy' because you pretend to do an Elly, causing them to pause for a split second, but then you continue pretty much in your original direction.

They are trying to work out where to tackle you by reading the messages your body sends out. Do a Delly and put a real spanner in the works!

Watch an example of this type of deceptive evasion on YouTube

Delly features and what it means for you...

  • You deceptively and unexpectedly take action
    • so, you take your opponents by surprise
  • You suddenly and dramatically change body posture
    • so, you make it difficult for your opponents to react
    • and it creates uncertainty about your next move
  • You appear to be starting to make a direction change
    • so they start to react but you continue at pace
    • and you take advantage of the confusion caused
  • You dummy off either leg
    • so you can take advantage of any opportunity for a dummy
    • and you stack the one-on-one odds in your favour
  • You are able to maintain much of your speed
    • so your opponents are left standing - they experience you "accelerating away"
    • you don't accelerate away - you just maintain much of your speed
  • You are able to maintain much of your momentum
    • so you burst past unbalanced opponents
  • Most players on the field will remain unaware of what you did or how you did it
    • so your opponents begin to fear your ability and "hang off"
    • and have lots of new angles to worry about...
    • ...because you keep going through gaps they never thought you could
  • It is over in a flash and you are ready for the next situation
    • so you can chain techniques together - one after another after another, left or right

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Delly Phase 1


Phase 1 instructions

  • stand upright, feet together
  • use left foot or right foot first, whichever you prefer
  • start walking slowly
  • as you walk, when each foot touches the floor, count each step
  • you may count aloud or count inside your head
  • now you are walking slowly,
  • saying ONE...TWO...THREE...FOUR
  • at the fifth step,
  • with some force,
  • SLAP your foot onto the ground
  • at the same time say "SPLAT!"
  • Continue walking,
  • the next step is with the other foot
  • and is "ONE" again
  • keep going so you continue through the cycle again
  • so... you are walking slowly saying
  • "1,2,3,4,SPLAT!", "1,2,3,4,SPLAT!", "1..."
  • go through these steps slowly, evenly and rhythmically
  • the count of steps is important because it causes you to SPLAT! your legs alternately
  • do extra repetitions at home, down the hallway or across your bedroom!
  • repeat
  • keep repeating
  • create a groove in your brain..."1,2,3,4,SPLAT!"
  • you can even do it on the spot,
  • go through the motions "1,2,3,4,SPLAT!"

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Delly Phase 2

Phase 2 instructions

Phase 2 is simply a matter of speeding up.

Do the same footwork trotting instead of walking.

Things change automatically when you do the Phase 1 SPLAT! action at faster than walking pace.

To keep you from falling on your face, your other leg swings through and does the 'Goosestep' like action without you having to think about it.

Keep at it. You are training both legs. You will be able to go either side.

Well done. You can do a Delly!

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