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Belly info

How the Belly works

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Belly Introduction

Evtechs Backwards Elevation Sidestep

This is a simple spring backards out of reach of would-be tacklers.

You hold the ball in two hands and thrust it away from you to increase power, enhance balance and to protect it from opponents.

This takes you clear of their attempted tackle and leaves you free to keep the ball alive. BELLY!

Watch the example

  • You deceptively and unexpectedly take action
    • so, you take your opponents by surprise
  • You deceptively use your body
    • keeping you out of reach of the tackler
  • Most players on the field will remain unaware of what you did or how you did it
    • so your opponents wonder how the tackler missed
  • It is over in a flash and you are ready for the next situation
    • so you can chain techniques together - one after another after another, left or right

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Belly Phase 1

Spring back!

Phase 1 instructions

  • you have the ball...
  • facing a hampered opponent...
  • they reach out to grab you...
  • every inch matters!
  • you bend your knees and spring backwards...
  • at the same time...
  • thrusting the balll outwards and upwards...
  • for balance, power and to proctect the ball
  • repeat

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Belly Variation

Spring sideways

Variation instructions

  • as for Phase 1, but going sideways...
  • or sideways and backwards
  • Repeat

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