This disclaimer contains words and video that explain why we accept no responsibility for the actions of our visitors.

We accept absolutely no reponsibilty

Dear Visitor

Please pay particular attention to this disclaimer for the reasons outlined in this short rugby video clip.

To see how easily injury can occur and why we accept absolutely no reponsibilty for use of information from this website, please view the short video below.

I did nothing wrong...but I injured myself... I accidentally trod on the ball and sprained my ankle.

The noise I made was a result of the pain and suffering...I was not putting it on!.

Despite the enthusiasm and passion I hope are evident on this website, you alone are responsible for your actions...before, during and after you visit this site!

When you use information from this site you do so entirely at your own risk.

This website is based on my rugby experience and is intended to provide useful information about rugby and in particular the rugby sidestep.

The information is intended to be factual, positive, light-hearted and, in places, humourous - BUT it is only our opinion that

  • the facts are true
  • the presentation is positive and light-hearted
  • it is at all humerous

Disclaimer ......everything on this site is simply opinion

If you choose to play rugby or use the information provided on this website (or on websites linked to this website) in any way...then it is entirely your decision and you do so at your own risk.

I have dribbled rugby balls in games on numerous occasions without mishap and I was making a video showing how to dribble the ball.

I had already done it once without any problems but decided to make another, just in case.

Please make sure you take the utmost care and know what to do in case of injury.

My rugby jersey (shirt, guernsey, top)

It has occurred to me that I should explain why I wear an old Australian jersey. Yes that`s what it is, if you didn`t know.

Perhaps some may think I played for Australia because of the shirt.

That is not true. I have never played rugby for Australia. (just like thousands of others who have a shirt just like it!)

I have dual nationality (British (England), Australian).

Some people (me and my Mum are just two of them) have said I was good enough to play Rugby for both countries.

It never happened. I was never close. I only ever played at a grass-roots level.

So why the Australian jersey?

Here is a potted vesion of how it came about.

  • daughter Helen born in an era of Wallaby supremacy
  • grew up watching exciting rugby from an early age
  • wanted, got expensive Wallaby jersey for Christmas

  • loved Wallaby jersey, for years we watched all games
  • wheel turns, Wallabies play boring rugby, not losing - boring
  • Helen loses Wallaby interest, puts jersey for recycling

  • knowing how much it cost, I rescue it - good for something?
  • use shirt in YouTube video - old man with "Wallaby potential"
  • more videos, nice bright shirt, want the same "look", use again

Disclaimer - so there you have it...

I`m NOT an international player, it`s just a nice, bright shirt.

Photos of my rugby ball

I have been warned about Trade Mark and Trade Practices legislation.

Just to be perfectly clear

  • I am not sponsored by any ball manufacturer
  • I am not affiliated with any ball manufacturer
  • I in no way represent any ball manufacturer
  • I do not have any form of "approval" from any manufacturer


That doesn`t mean you shouldn`t let me influence you.


You may find this is the best and most useful rugby site ever!

Tell your friends. Enjoy rugby.