Classic sidestep video

This classic sidestep video demonstrates the classic type rugby sidestep with guidelines, giving insight into how you beat the defender.

Video shows change in running line

View this video for a demonstration of the technique.

See how you create problems for defenders with your sidestep.

In this video the sidestepper is making an angled run.

You'll see (by looking at the line on the ground) that the new direction is a big change from the old one and it happens instantly.

The video first demonstrates the sidestep, then runs through again showing where the defender would be expecting to tackle and highlighting the actual path taken by the sidestepper.

Points to note are the absence of tell-tale signs the step is about to occur and the large change in angle of the running line.

Classic Sidestep Video

Imagine the difficulty defending. The defender would have difficulty in responding to your change of direction - it`s virtually impossible!

I`m not about to help defenders..but they will need to be on their toes and commit to the tackle as late as possible.

The problem with todays rugby is that it is very difficult to pick up how you sidestep by watching other rugby players do it. That's because, although it's a very powerful technique very few players are able to do one effectively.

So, find a better way.

Before you spend time learning how and then perfecting techniques it's probably a good idea to have a good look at it to guess how effective they are likely to be.

To be most useful the tecHniques must...

  • be clearly defined and explicit (not just "shift weight"!)
  • provide significant deviation in running line
  • be difficult to read (detect it is about to happen)

For precise instructions on how you develop a great sidestep
go to this page about EvtecHs evasion tecHniques

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