Best rugby player you can be

You become the best rugby player you can be when you find good information and use it well. Use these tips on how you do it.

To be the best you can be

Find good information

You`re here, so you`ve done that already! Off to a good start!

This is a path for you.

Take in the Home page then work your way down the main menu. It`s in that order for a reason...

building knowledge and skills so you can be your best...

but you can also skip about, it`s all valuable information.

Follow this advice and you are well on your way.

Take your time.

Read on so you know how to do a site search then use it when you are on good sites. Like this one!

Information on rugby and how this is presented differs greatly from one book to another and from one website to another.

In many cases the information is well written and well presented. In other cases it is not

Some information is clear and concise. Some information is "fluffy" and/or contains a lot of meaningless padding resulting in long articles which tell you very little.

Look carefully at the way the information is presented and what it contains. Scan quickly and decide if it is top quality.

Treat information sources differently

In this age of hustle and bustle be prepared to act differently after you scan your source of information.

When you know you are looking at quality information, be prepared to dig deeper and be happy as you spend more time investigating.

You may have two different sources of information, each the same length. One is lower quality containing two useful pieces of information and padded out with waffle. The other is high quality with ten pieces.

Treat the two sources differently. Identify and spend more time on the quality information. You will usually be rewarded for your effort. Read it several times.

When you have found good information, treat it like a good orange. Suck all the juice out of it. You have found something valuable so make the most of it!

Be excited, take your time, improve

When I was young, my older brother Alan and I used to get plastic model kits for Christmas and birthdays.

No matter how big or complex it was, I always had mine finished before breakfast! There would be glue all over it, bits missing, bits stuck in the wrong place, stickers on a bit "skew-whiff".

Alan was different. He took weeks! I suggest you follow his example.

  • find good information - it`s not always in the box!
  • when the information is good, take time to understand it
  • read instructions carefully, follow closely

  • take your time and enjoy yourself in the detail
  • a top quality end result is almost guaranteed

Or perhaps there`s another way - use some of both methods!.

If you start with the same pieces and follow the same instructions, you get virtually the same result as everyone else! So maybe it`s a good idea to add a few twiddley bits.

Just be sure you are adding extras that are top quality and improve the overall look and usefullness of the finished product.

Search engines are not perfect

There is a huge amount of information on the internet to help you be the best rugby player. Pages regarded as best change all the time.

New pages are added to rugby websites and pages once considered the best are replaced by ones that are new or improve.

Sometimes it takes a long time for search engines to even look at new pages but over time good ones rise to the top.

So you will find information on how to become the best rugby player I suggest

When you have found a good site, make full use of it. One page may have been suggested to you in the search results, but another may be more useful or may add to what you know about rugby.

Use the "site" query it`s really good.

Say you want to know all your favourite site has about "running". Put the subject first, followed by the details of the site you want to search.

You would type in your search engine query like this...


and you will see details of everywhere "running" is on the site.

Try it out - you could copy and paste the running query into your search query box and see what you get. Experiment. Comb the site

So that`s it

- we help make sure you`re the best rugby player you can be.