Keighley Rugby League

Keighley - a chance to shine in a trial game thrown away by trying something new.

Rugby League trials and tribulations

After my trial with their "A" team they wrote to me.

Keighley letter Keighley letter

The letter reads...

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for your letter of the 30th ultimo, which was placed before the meeting of Directors held yesterday evening. Unfortunately no one saw you after the game, otherwise they would have seen that there was something towards your travelling expenses, accordingly please find enclosed notes to the value of £3.00

We learnt with regret of the injuries you sustained, and trust that the matter is now cleared up.

I regret to inform you that the Manager/Coach does not wish to consider you for recruitment to the Rugby League, mainly due to your stature.

Yours sincerely
W Spencer

What happened at the trial

I went for a trial. I remember it well.

I was a half back but for some reason the scout told me to say I was a centre. So I did.

Why on earth would he tell me that? Why on earth would I do it!

They put me on at half time and shortly after I decided I would try out my new tackling technique.

Big mistake!

With the benefit of hind sight I know it was a pretty poor technique.

But worse than that, I chose the wrong person to try it out on.

My word, what big knees he had - straight into my ribs!

Oh the pain and the suffering!

If I’d gone off they would’ve been a man short for the rest of the game.

So I played on the wing, in agony, with what turned out to be a cracked rib.

I’m certain I made a try saving tackle with one arm. But I wasn’t good enough "mainly due to your stature!"

There must be several lessons in this story. One that stands out for me is - perfect your new techniques in practice where mistakes are of little consequence.