1970 New Zealand rugby

1970 New Zealand rugby was fortunate to have the services of speedy, robust sidestepping three-quarter Bryan Williams.

Bryan Williams, All Black

From 1970 New Zealand rugby teams included Bryan Williams, right up to 1978

He was an excellent sidestepper, but played an unusual role in what many consider to be the greatest try of all time.

Bryan Williams was playing for the All Blacks in 1973 against the Barbarians. He kicked the ball gathered and carried by Phil Bennett as he sidestepped several All Blacks to start the movement which resulted in the try.

New Zealand Rugby Skills & Tactics Lansdowne Press, 1982 is an excellent book. It contains a huge amount of valuable rugby information still relevent today.

"Three-quarter Play" is the title of a section written by Bryan Williams which describes the skills required and the roles played by the members of the group of players known as "the three-quarters".

In this section he also describes how to side-step and mentions that he no longer practices because it became instinctive.

YouTube holds a compilation featuring both Grant Batty and Bryan Williams.

A number of side-steps can be seen.

One is at 3:16 when number 13 Williams beats a covering defender.

At 3:26 in the clip, after "Fourth Test Ellis Park Johannesburg" Williams does some great evasive running.

It includes two sidesteps in the in-goal area! Williams does them so he can put the ball down to score between the posts.

At 4:51 in the clip, after "All Blacks v Eastern Province 1970" Williams is again brilliant.

He cleverly back-heels the ball into open space, runs, gathers the ball then beats a number of players before touching down for a great individual try.

See Bryan Williams in this YouTube clip - sorry the clip has been removed from YouTube by the person who uploaded it - breaching copyright, I imagine. I`ll leave the details so you can look out for other clips or DVDs.

Update...good news. There is more video of Bryan. I found it by going to the YouTube site and searching for 'bryan williams rugby'. This is what I found...

Bryan Wlliams footage unless this too has been removed!

Now get a sidestep of your own!